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Any person who cannot adequately reposition themselves, who may be immobilised by old age ,injury,illness or paralysis are at risk of pressure ulcers. Most pressure ulcers occur in people over 70.

The combination of products, diet and pressure care management can reduce the risks associated with people developing a pressure ulcer.

CSIRO studies have confirmed that medical sheepskin overlays can reduce the incidence of pressure ulcers by 58%. The product reduces the body pressure and friction at points of contact on a bed or chair.

Sheepskin Rug


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Rrp $120.00 Sheepskin rugs are ideal for persons who are required to spend long periods sitting or lying down, as well as for babies and... More

Sheepskin Overlay

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Rrp $149.00 Sheepskin Overlay's are suitable for a variety of purposes where comfort is required. Uses include bedding or seating. 100% 26 mm... More