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Back supports can help improve posture and relieve back pain for good.  Whether you seek lumbar support, an automobile care support cushion or even support for your office chair, we have a number of sizes and shapes to help you find the back support to make you comfortable and leave you feeling good. Back supports can help you improve posture and relieve back pain for good.

Traditional foam is a closed cell construction which once compressed wants to spring back to it’s original shape immediately and provides a more rigid firmer support.

Memory foam is a open cell construction allowing air to pass into and out of tiny holes in the material. This action results in the foams ability to conform to the body’s shape offering greater support and comfort. It is valued for it’s unique pressure reducing properties.

Interlock foam consists of free-flowing foam beads that are contained within an airtight bag. After moulding the beads to the shape of your body, a vacuum pump interlocks the beads to make a customised imprint of your shape, offering the most precise fit and support. This process can be reversed and repeated as many times as you like.

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